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The photographs of the shades may vary slightly with the actual design. It is always recommended to refer to our sample folder to see the actual shade.

Shade No: 2618 SF
Name: Conebush Veneer

Shade No: 2619 SF
Name: Conebush Veneer Brown

Shade No: 2620 SF
Name: Conebush Veneer Black

Shade No: 2621 SF
Name: Chac Te Viga

Shade No: 2622 SF
Name: Verrucosa

Shade No: 2623 SF
Name: Verrucosa Light

Shade No: 2624 SF
Name: Verrucisa Dark

Shade No: 2628 SF
Name: Larix Laricina

Shade No: 2629 SF
Name: Larix Laricina Gold

Shade No: 2630 SF
Name: Larix Laricina Ash

Shade No: 2631 SF
Name: Kermes Oak

Shade No: 2632 SF
Name: Kermes Oak brown

Shade No: 2633 SF
Name: Kermes Oak dark

Shade No: 2634 SF
Name: Thory Broom

Shade No: 2635 SF
Name: Kwila Highland Pine Red

Shade No: 2636 SF
Name: Kwila Highland Pine Green

Shade No: 2637 SF
Name: Holm Walnut

Shade No: 2638 SF
Name: Holm Walnut dark

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