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The photographs of the shades may vary slightly with the actual design. It is always recommended to refer to our sample folder to see the actual shade.

Shade No: 2528 SF
Name: Super Tela Choco

Shade No: 2529 SF
Name: Super Tela Bluish

Shade No: 2530 SF
Name: Superb Teak

Shade No: 2555 SF
Name: Honey Locust

Shade No: 2556 SF
Name: Hawthorn Walnut

Shade No: 2557 SF
Name: Ironwood Light

Shade No: 2558 SF
Name: Ironwood Dark

Shade No: 2559 SF
Name: Pau Ferro

Shade No: 2561 SF
Name: Malus Pumila

Shade No: 2562 SF
Name: Black Palm

Shade No: 2564 SF
Name: Peroba Rose

Shade No: 2565 SF
Name: Privet Walnut

Shade No: 2566 SF
Name: Indian Rose Wood

Shade No: 2567 SF
Name: Privet Walnut Dark

Shade No: 2568 SF
Name: Amazon Walnut

Shade No: 2569 SF
Name: Super Tela

Shade No: 2570 SF
Name: Satin Wood Cherry

Shade No: 2571 SF
Name: Satin Wood Dark

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